About Us

We are approximately 100 dynamic business owners and professionals who believe in the mission of HBPA: “To promote and advance the commercial, industrial, civic and general interest of the Hummelstown area.”

Every Hummelstown business and professional benefits immeasurably from one another and from incoming new businesses. Our community is enhanced by its strong and vibrant business and professional base. Likewise, losing business hurts all of us. No business is an island. In our current, highly competitive business environment and present economic climate, we need to work together to survive, prosper and grow.

We seek to accomplish the goals of our mission statement through many special community events and projects. These are designed to bring families into Hummelstown, build goodwill between businesses and residents, support our local charities and provide opportunities for our businesses to gain exposure, which in the long run will hopefully increase their customer base.

HBPA provides Hummelstown Dollars as prizes for Scarecrows on the Square. This year HBPA gave out approximately $250.00 in Hummelstown Dollars. The Hummelstown Foundation also utilizes HBPA Hummelstown Dollars for prizes for their events. These dollars can be “spent” only in local businesses. HBPA then reimburses the business.