Scarecrows on the Square

Hummelstown Business and Professional Association is excited to announce that Scarecrows on the Square is back in town! Scarecrows on the Square is a great way to have fun and gives the community a chance to discover local businesses and organizations. You are welcome to advertise with signs of any kind as long as they are fastened tightly to your scarecrow or a surrounding landmark. Remember, your scarecrow can be more than something used to scare away crows in a corn field – you can use it to advertise your business or to convey a message. Please contact Erika Hilbert at to register. There is NO charge to participate!

There are two categories for participation:


Any Business interested is welcome to participate. There is NO charge for businesses to display their Scarecrow this year! They are allowed to display their business name on the Scarecrow to promote their business. 




Any organization, individual or family interested is welcome to participate. There is NO charge for participation in this category. They can display their organization, individual and family name on the Scarecrow.

All participants must contact Erika Hilbert to register
• Businesses will set up their scarecrows on the North side of Main St
• Nonprofit Organizations on the Southwestern side of Main St
• Individuals and Families on the Southeastern side of Main St

Community members will vote on their favorite Scarecrows in each category and there will be 3 winners from each category. Winners from the non-business category will receive Hummelstown Dollars as prizes, and the winners from the business category will receive trophies. Voting runs October 16th - November 15th.

The winning scarecrows will be announced on our social media and our website by November 16th.
Scarecrows must be taken down by November 20th.

Businesses can register to be voting sites for the Scarecrow Competition. There is NO charge for businesses to be voting sites. Ballot boxes and ballots will be provided by HBPA. It is the responsibility of the business to tally all votes and send them via email to Erika Hilbert by closing time on November 15th.